My online course helps you support your child not only to maintain their language of origin but also to learn new languages, ​​so they can achieve a high level in both.

During lockdown, many families living abroad told me how spending more time at home helped them to reinforce their child's native language. At the same time, some asked me for advice on how to support their child so that they were not at a disadvantage at school, where their second language was spoken. This is a huge current challenge. But can the learning of two languages ever be separated?

Some people view these children as “multiple monolinguals” and believe they should spend an equal amount of time learning each language. However, this type of language learning requires a lot of time and energy in all areas of life. It results in some opportunities for language learning being missed, and the child’s true needs being completely ignored. The CFHP course will help you to make the most of every opportunity for language learning. In this way you can not only transmit your native language to your child, but also ensure that they learns new languages ​​well. The CFHP webinars strengthen your knowledge so that you are not influenced by the prejudices of your environment, and thus you do not unintentionally become an obstacle to your child's learning.

I will share with you my knowledge and experience as a researcher, teacher and mother of two daughters who grew up speaking 5 languages.

You will receive a set of strategies that will help you to support your child with all their languages.

After familiarizing yourself with the dynamics of multilingual learning and its most important factors, and much more information, you will be able to use the practical and personalised advice that you will receive throughout the course even more effectively. In addition, we will talk about how to help children learn to read and write in their various languages, ​​and how to prevent misunderstandings due to cultural differences which could jeopardize learning. The course is tailor-made, based on the needs of the participants.

Your First Session

Free 20-Minute session

Before starting the course, I discuss the form and content of the sessions with you and find out more about your situation so that I can customise the content of the course for your needs. This conversation is free.

The Programe

4 online 90-Minutes Group Sessions

The webinars are designed for small groups. In each session we will deal with different aspects of multilingual education that facilitate understanding the dynamics of language learning for multilingual children. The questions and comments in each group make the sessions unique and one-of-a-kind. In this way the webinar is highly personalised.

+1 Private Session 

An Individual 60-Minutes Sonsultation

Each participant will also receive a 60-minute private consultation between or after the group sessions.


Do You want more Information about the Webinars?

This 5-week course is for parents (the maximum group size is 12) and it will prepare you to face the challenge of educating multilingual children.