Do you want me to personally explain my online course and individual consultations to you?

Individual 1-hour videoconference sessions for parents

  • who grew up in a monolingual environment and care about the language development of their multilingual child.
  • who consider that their child’s school does not offer enough support.
  • who feel that their relationship with their child is being damaged by the stress of learning multiple languages.
  • who feel that they are about to give up on teaching their child their language, because their child speaks to them in another language, and does not like being corrected.

How can I help you?

The learning process of multilingual children is different from that of monolingual children. Several factors are responsible for these differences, such as linguistic, neurophysiological, and emotional factors. For this reason, language development takes a unique path for each child.

However, the learning process of multilingual children is complex. It is especially important to focus on the underlying mechanisms because only by understanding them can reliable interpretations of the child’s progress be given.

By observing the learning process, we can discover which factors need reinforcement, and which weaknesses could be causing difficulties.

Likewise, creating a map of the strengths and weaknesses of multilingual children helps us uncover the best learning strategies for your child.